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About Sex Education

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About Sex Education

It is education about human sexuality, including emotional relationships and responsibilities, human sexual genitalia, sexuality, sexual reproduction, minimum legal age for sexual intercourse, reproductive health, reproductive rights, safe sex, contraception, and sexual abstinence. Sex education covering the above areas is called comprehensive sex education. Common providers/organizations for sex education include caregivers such as parents, formal school programs, and public health campaigns.

Traditionally, many adolescents in different cultures have had no access to any formal information about sex, and discussion of related issues is considered taboo. In the past, sex education was limited to what parents taught their children before marriage. But the Progressive Education Movement, which began in the late 1800s, led to the introduction of "social hygiene"-like classes in North American schools, marking the beginning of formal school sex education. Despite formal sex education programs in schools, in the mid-20th century most information about human sexuality was disseminated through informal channels such as peers and the media, much of which was missing or even wrong of. This has a more profound impact on young people who are curious about sexuality. The increasing rate of teenage pregnancy in Western countries makes this deficiency more obvious. At that time, Western countries began to introduce sex education courses in order to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy, but they were still strongly opposed by parents and religious groups at the beginning.

The AIDS outbreak finally made the urgency of sex education greatly increased. Most scientists agree that sex education is a very important public health strategy in many African countries where AIDS is increasingly prevalent. International groups like Planned Parenthood argue that widespread sex education has certain global benefits, such as curbing overpopulation and improving women's empowerment. Although the mass media has sometimes increased public "awareness" of HIV, knowledge about its transmission remains superficial.

According to a survey by the American Sex Information and Education Association, 93% of American adults surveyed support the introduction of sex education in high school, and 84% support the implementation of sex education in middle school. Eighty-eight percent of parents of middle school students and 80 percent of parents of middle school students in the United States believe that sex education in schools makes it easier for them to talk about sex with their teens. Additionally, 92 percent of American teens reported that they wished they could "talk about sex" with their parents and receive comprehensive school-based sex education. A study by the Center for Mathematical Policy Research for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found that premarital virginity education had no effect at all.

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