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Archaeological discovery of 2,000-year-old sex toy

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Archaeologists from Newcastle University found a nearly 2,000-year-old phalloshaped wooden carving in the moat of an ancient Roman castle in Vindolanda, northern England. The toy was first found alongside shoes and clothing, according to an article published in the British journal Antiquities. So archaeologists mistook it for a darning tool.

Archaeologists poring over ancient Roman documents have redefined the artifact as a carved wooden sex toy. The 6.3-inch-long wooden toy is the only "non-miniature ornament" sex toy from the Roman era ever unearthed.

The ancient Romans believed that sex toys could ward off evil spirits, so the objects in the shape of male phalluses were very common throughout the Roman Empire, but because they were generally made of organic materials such as wood and animal bones, most of them had decayed and were difficult to preserve over thousands of years. It's usually found in dark, anoxic sediments in the very cold regions of northern Europe.

Professor Rob Collins said the artefact could have had a variety of uses and could change over time. It probably started out as a pestle, and in the course of its use, it was discovered that it could be used for something else, so it was carved into a male organ at one end. It is now on display at the Vindolanda Museum.

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