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Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator
Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator
Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator

Rose Flower Clitoral Stimulator

Product Description

Product information

product name:ROSE

product name:ROSE vibrator egg

product material: ABS、Slilicone

functioning pattern:6 Frequent sucking + vibration

Dimension :46mm×46mm×92mm

isopsophic index:≤60dB

rose flower clitoral stimulator, the peak climax under the small and exquisite appearance, a good-looking fun toy.

IPX5 waterproof, can be used when bathing


Tongue licking

Rose appearance

Product Description

rose flower clitoral stimulator, just to wake up your senses and bring you a better time. Beautiful and generous appearance, soft and skin friendly touch.The modes that can be adjusted are slow speed, medium speed, high speed, long break, short break, weak & strong. Transparent shell for easy storage.

The climax playing method that goes straight to the depths of the soul has stronger penetrability and multiple pleasures. Roses are naturally delicate, small and exquisite appearance of the peak orgasm, good-looking unlike sex toys. Red faced foreplay experience, sucking + tongue licking, 6 modes.

While an ordinary vibrator can only stimulate a part of the senses and cannot be transmitted to the whole sensitive area, the Rose vibrating Egg uses sonic Sonic to suck. Each vibration and simulated feeling can be transmitted to the core of the vagina, so that the nerve rich core can be more satisfied,support a variety of charging methods, such as socket, power bank, computer, car charge, etc.

The jumping egg is equipped with a vibrating motor, which can effectively stimulate the sensitive areas of the female body, especially the clitoris, nipples, neck and the inside of the thigh and other sensitive parts. These stimuli will be quickly transmitted to the brain center by the nerve, thus producing a feeling of excitement. In addition to being used for masturbation, it is also suitable for the couple to adjust the atmosphere and enhance pleasure during sexual intercourse. Jumping eggs can also be used in the medical field to treat women suffering from sexual apathy.

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