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Sex Toys Manufacturers - Hatsuon

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Welcome to Hatsuon Sex Toys Manufacturers, where pleasure meets innovation! We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality adult pleasure products designed to enhance intimate experiences and promote sexual wellness.

The adult industry has witnessed a remarkable transformation in the design, production, and marketing of sex toys. Hatsuon have stepped up their game, embracing innovative technologies and materials to enhance pleasure and ensure safety for consumers.  Our commitment to excellence is evident in every product we manufacture. Each item undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure that our customers receive only the best. From vibrators and dildos, every product is thoughtfully crafted to cater to diverse preferences and needs.

Product Feature

Safe & Body-Friendly:

Your safety and well-being are of utmost importance to us. Hatsuon Sex Toys are made from body-safe materials that comply with international quality standards. We prioritize product safety, ensuring that our items are free from harmful substances and allergens.

Materials Revolution:

We prioritize the use of medical-grade silicone, thermoplastics, and non-porous metals, eliminating harmful chemicals like phthalates. This focus on safety not only benefits consumers but also contributes to the overall improvement of the industry's reputation.

High-Tech & Design:

Advancements in technology have also had a profound impact on sex toys manufacturing. Our devices are equipped with cutting-edge features such as app-controlled functionalities. These innovations have revolutionized intimate experiences, providing users with heightened sensations and personalized pleasure.

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Our Services

Customization & Private Labeling:

Apart from our extensive product range, we offer customization options and private labeling services to suit your specific needs. Whether you are an individual, retailer, or distributor, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions that align with your brand identity.

Ready to embark on a journey of pleasure and self-discovery? Contact our friendly customer support team for any inquiries or assistance. We look forward to serving you with passion and professionalism.

The company was founded in 2011, is located in Huizhou digital Park South District, main adult toys. The company set design, production, sales, foreign brand agent in one, with its own brand series products, adhere to the guarantee of sufficient interests at the same time to provide our customers with the best quality service.



Tel: +86-181-2976-1961
Email: Info@hatsuontoys.com
WhatsApp:+86 18129761961
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Address:3rd Floor, Building A3, Shuibei Industrial Zone, No.19, Jinzhong Road, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, China
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