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The Morality of Sex Education

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The Morality of Sex Education

Sex education is generally viewed as necessary to reduce risky behaviors such as unprotected sex, reduce the likelihood of unwanted pregnancies, and enable individuals to make informed decisions about engaging in sexual activity.

Another view of sex education, inspired historically by sexologists such as Wihelm Reich and psychologists such as Freud and James W. Prescott, is that the purpose of sex education is individual control over one's own body and social Liberation from control. Advocates of this view are concerned with a political question: Should morality be guided by society or by individuals? Therefore, sex education can be regarded as providing individuals with the necessary knowledge to liberate the sexual repression caused by social organizations, so that individuals can make their own decisions. Sexual repression may be seen as socially harmful.

For another large and influential group in the United States that focuses on sex education issues, the political issue they care about is whether moral values should be guided by the state or the family. They believe that instruction on sexual behavior should remain within the home and that sex education represents government intervention. They also claim that some sex education programs are intended to undermine pre-existing moral concepts of chastity and encourage the acceptance of behaviors such as different sexual orientations and premarital sex that are unethical. But opponents believe that "chastity education" or "asexual education" will only lead to an increase in the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy, and will not effectively solve related problems.

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