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The past and present lives of sex toys

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In 2005, a scientist found a rock shaped like a penis in a cave near Ulm, Germany. It was made of 14 different siltstones. It was smooth and exquisitely made. Because of its age, archaeologists aren't sure exactly what the rock was used for, but more and more people are starting to think that it was a primitive sex toy, used to satisfy the desires of Stone Age humans, meaning that sex toys were made with stones as early as 28,000 years ago, and this rock, It is currently on display at the Institute of Sexology at the Wellcome Collection in London as "the oldest sex toy ever found".

If the purpose of the stone is a bit of a debate, a written account from ancient Greece provides a striking glimpse into how open the ancients were to the exploration of their desires. The text clearly states that traders had begun selling "Olisbos," which translates to dildos. At the same time, in the distant eastern lands, the exploration of "sex" also began. According to the incomplete research, people in the Spring and Autumn Period not only did not regard the boudoir as private, but also could openly talk about it. When preparing a woman's dowry, some thoughtful families would add sex toys for the wedding night to serve as "sex textbooks" for unmarried girls. The earliest dildo found in China was unearthed in the tomb of Liu Sheng, King Jing of Zhongshan in the Western Han Dynasty. It is said that the material type and quantity were very luxurious. At this time, in London, England, there was a common "hysteria" among women. Later, a doctor invented a vibrator powered by steam, thus the prototype of the modern vibrator appeared. With the rise of the British women's liberation movement in the 20th century and the vigorous development of the sexual revolution, the sex toy industry was also constantly creating revolution, and gradually the wind of sexual liberation blew to China. In the autumn of 1985, Renmin University of China opened China's first public course on sexuality, and in 1993 the country's first retail store for adult products opened on the streets of Beijing, a tiny space that encapsulates a generational shift in "sexual attitudes."

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