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The transition from sex toys to medical devices

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According to multiple published medical studies, vibratory massagers have positive effects on a variety of urinary systems and sexual health in women.

Although the literature is limited, these studies suggest that vibratory massagers cause beneficial changes in blood flow and muscle tone in genital tissues, improve sexual arousal and satisfaction, increase pleasure responses, and reduce the incidence of sexual disorders.

In women with pelvic floor dysfunction, use of vibrators reduced urinary leakage and urinary symptoms, and significantly improved pelvic muscle strength. Other studies have shown that vibrators can reduce pain in women with vulvar discomfort and improve quality of life in both sexes.

Dubinskaya said vibration massage stimulation originated as a treatment for so-called female hysteria, which is associated with excessive agitation and has been linked to marital relationships, sexual life and pregnancy. Early doctors treated the condition by giving women manual pelvic massage to achieve pleasure, which was thought to reduce mania.

Dubinskaya and her team wanted to collate and evaluate the evidence supporting the medical benefits of vibrators for women's health. They collected historical literature, focusing on studies related to sexual health, pelvic floor function and vulva health. Of the 558 potentially relevant abstracts, 21 met all inclusion criteria, including 11 studies of female sexual dysfunction, 9 studies of pelvic floor dysfunction, and 1 study of vulvodynia.

Studies from the literature on sexual dysfunction have shown that vibration stimulation promotes vasodilation and blood flow, improves tissue perfusion and metabolism, reduces muscle tone, and increases relaxation. Clinically, vibrator use was associated with female sexual function index scores (P < 0.001) and increased sexual arousal, pleasure, and genital sensation.

Patients who used the vibrator reported an increase in libido, satisfaction, and overall pleasure, a decrease in the time it took to reach sexual pleasure, multiple sexual pleasure achieved, and a decrease in pain.

Sex toys can be used as a tool to help people better understand and explore their physical and sexual needs, thereby promoting sexual and mental health, providing sex education, and providing therapeutic AIDS for some patients with sexual dysfunction.

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