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Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup
Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup
Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup
Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup

Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup

Product Description

Vibrating male masturbator cup. Fully intelligent high-tech masturbator cu,the appearance of high value, more core functions, the use of the use of power, intelligent voice, real interaction, the voice of temptation, multi-language can be switched with one key, giving an immersive experience, dual host structure, dual strengthening motor.The overall size is 323mm*95mm*92mm,packing quantity is 10 pieces.

Sci-fi-like shape, mechanical arms outline the lines of the battle, innovative design open hatch door, restore the cockpit of the warplane. More material, weight 1KG, more functions, 4 different buttons, a total of 48 ways to play, multi-frequency rotational stimulation than just clip suck more cool, technology magnetic suction lid design, convenient and practical, battery life is more durable, USB portable charging, charging time of about 160 minutes, use time up to 60 minutes, the main functions of telescoping, rotation and clip suction. Intelligent stretch, a variety of rotating functions.

Vibrating male masturbator cup with strong power to stretch and rotate and suck at the same time. Seductive real-life voice for interaction, multi-lingual rotating voice,high-value innovative design, technology magnetic lid design, long-lasting life span.

AI intelligent sensing, which can perform motion, posture, strength, size, body temperature and scene sensing. Intelligent induction, stretching + clamping suction, long stretching, fancy rotation, strong power, deep throat sucking sensation, soft and safe TPE material, like wrapped in a cloud, full intelligent induction voice, is the best choice for men to exercise their skills.

Three exciting ways to play provoke your senses, 4 modes at your disposal, intelligent stretching into 18cm, high-speed stretching up to 400 times / min, fancy rotation mode, 360 ° friction sucking and licking, rotating up to 228 times / min, a strong source of power, each entry is deeply sucked, the whole process will not be detached, intelligent chip, equipped with Japanese black technology, the strength is just right for the human body.

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